Marco's Pizza Box Nights

Marco's Nights will be back for the
2019-2020 School Year!


Fall Box Nights:

9/30-10/4 - 4th Grade
10/7-10/10 - 3rd Grade
10/14-10/16 - 2nd Grade
10/21-10/23 - 1st Grade
10/28-10/30 - Kindergarten
Spring Box Nights:
4/6-4/8 - Kindergarten
4/13-4/15 - 1st Grade
4/20-4/22 - 2nd Grade
4/27-4/29 - 3rd Grade
5/4-5/6 - 4th Grade

Box Nights at Marco's are a HUGE hit with our families!! The students decorate pizza boxes in class.

You are welcome to order from Marco's Pizza on Ridge Road any of the 3 nights for your child's grade and your pizza can be picked up or delivered in the box your child decorated!!

Be sure to give your child's name and class when ordering.

Feel free to order on more nights or on nights for different grades!

You can give a previous teacher's name or just let Marco's know you would like to order to be put towards the MES Fundraiser.

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