2019/2020 Student Assesmblies

October 11th

The Mousetrap Machine

November 6th & 7th


Classes visit the STEAM Lab where they can play with robots, build masterpieces, create experiments, and more!

December 20th

Holiday Sing-a-Long & North Pole Visitor

All school assembly where the students will clap along and sing to Christmas carols, enjoy a holiday book, and possibly have a special visitor from the North Pole stop by to say hello!

March 13th

Dave DiNaso's Traveling World of Reptiles

April 2020

Opera for the Young

 ?? Possibly February 2020 ??

Prismatic Magic Laser Celebration and Sing-a-Long

This was a favorite last year!!
Students will have the opportunity to earn this through reaching Fun Run Fundraising Goals!!

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